U.S. IMG's that create GME training opportunities to improve healthcare quality and access all around the globe. 

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I started Judah Go Global Foundation after sustaining a vicious attack by The Illuminati, Inc. acting as contractors on behalf of the United States government for the Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services,  to utilize the "resources" of The Department of Defense to commit heinous acts against me on behalf of major Biopharmaceutical Industry observants, the National Physician Assistant Association, the National Nursing Special Interest Groups, Law Makers, and The Freemasons who were State of Michigan Legislators. The aim of their attack was to "marginalize, demoralize, exploit, humiliate, racially intimidate, and sexually harass" me because I reached out to State of Michigan Legislators requesting an amendment to the Michigan State Public Health Act to create an alternate model to graduate medical education, similar to the model presented in My Blog.  

I proposed the model in an attempt to ensure my success, and the success of others like me, in obtaining the training needed to secure a state medical license to practice medicine by creating viable Graduate Medical Education training opportunities for ECFMG-Certified Physicians. 

The strategy they used for their attack was to "reduce the value of an asset", and in doing so, I became a "target" and made a party to the various forms of harassment mentioned above in an attempt to "devalue" my person and my current educational credentials which are a BA Chemistry, MBA Healthcare Administration, and MD degree, at all costs.  They have accomplished this so far through "mass defamation of character" techniques including  "creating" allegations against my person of having  substance use and abuse disorder, multiple chronic medical conditions, severe mental health disorders, multiple felony criminal convictions, and by implementing advanced "military-grade" cyber-stalking and cyber-surveillance techniques that have been used to block me from obtaining any and all "viable, worthwhile" employment opportunities.  The strategies that they have used against me have effectively "black balled" me from the workforce within the United States of America.

My intent upon starting Judah Go Global Foundation, was and still is, for our collective objective as an organized group of educated Physician Professionals to be that of advancing the spectrum of opportunities made available to U.S. IMG Physicians by introducing new opportunities in drug development, design, and monitoring of clinical trials, to pursue opportunities in the international practice of clinical medicine, to advance the quality of healthcare delivered in the developing world by introducing health information technology to integrate information exchange and to facilitate advanced evidence based practice strategies.  We add to our ability to practice globally by creating new opportunities in health information management that are inclusive to U.S. IMG's  such as the "ECFMG-Certified Telehealth CDI Physician Advisor", and by cultivating strategic partnerships.  We align ourselves with lead Physicians, Scientists, Clinical Educators, Clinical Investigators, and Sponsors, to formulate meaningful collaborations within the global healthcare space.  We believe in global healthcare marketplace  expansions to improve healthcare quality and access for people all over the globe.   


Despite sustaining the attack against my person, it is my intent to turn my corporate vision into a service-line that is introduced into the global marketplace,  continue the work that I started and raise awareness of the injustices that I have personally faced, and the injustices that other US citizens continue to face, while being placed at the mercy of corrupt Leaders within Organized Medicine, corrupt Politicians, and a very corrupt U.S. Corporation.

So stay, look around (be advised, we our still "under construction"), and learn!!!

Kindest Regards,

Tamara Sanderfield, MD, MBA, BA


"הבריחה מארץ הנחש."


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Why Judah Go?

We realize that opportunities must be "created."  We hold ourselves accountable to improving the lives of global citizens.  We utilize our medical knowledge as U.S. IMG's, evidenced by obtaining our ECFMG Certification, to advance within the global healthcare marketplace.  We have a vision for making a positive impact all around the globe.


How We Help

We work endlessly to form strategic partnerships that are designed to make an impact in the global healthcare community.  We seize opportunities to participate in the design of clinical trials to conduct research and become key players in the global healthcare sustainable development agenda, and by doing so, we create opportunities for training, research, development, and to build a fierce corporate brand that we are using to lobby, both nationally and internationally, to further advance our global presence as ECFMG-Certified U.S. IMG Physicians in the global healthcare marketplace.


Experience the Difference

Our objective is to advance the spectrum of opportunities made available to ECFMG-Certified U.S. IMG Physicians.  We add to this, the ability to practice globally because of our strategic partnerships.  We align ourselves with lead Physicians, Scientists, Clinical Educators, Clinical Investigators, and Sponsors, to formulate meaningful collaborations within the global healthcare space.  We believe in global healthcare marketplace  expansions to improve healthcare quality and access for people all over the globe.  


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International Medical Residency Training opportunities for the U.S. IMG.


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Establish a significant global presence through Corporate branding as ECFMG-Certified U.S. IMG Physicians, strengthened by a pledge against "doing nothing".

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